With 50 years of experience in luminaire construction, we form the solid foundation of our production at the Vienna location. We distinguish ourselves through customer proximity, flexibility and the use of sophisticated technology from Austria. Our luminaires comply with all European standards.

We have been building frames in Austria since 1954. Today we are one of the few remaining producers in Europe. Tradition combines with modern technology.


Our main focus is on the production of electrical installation material and closures for hollow bodies. Well-known European industrial and trade partners trust in the quality and reliability of our products.

Dosing caps for fabric softener, liquid detergents & cosmetics. Push Pull closures for dishwashing detergents as well as special closures for various applications. Customised special threads as well as standard 28/400 and 38mm 3-start threads. As well as canister caps. Lids for coffee cans etc.

Sponge applicator for tubes with thread M15 and bottles with welded-on sponge flocked/unflocked. Special closures and nozzles for tubes and bottles.

Standard thread protection caps (standard left-hand thread) for gas cylinders, protective caps for gas cylinders. (Standard)

Customised WC baskets for WC blocks and dispensers for liquid WC cleaners.

Customised parts made of engineering plastics: ABS, PA, PBT, PC etc. reinforced and non-reinforced. Switch parts, switch covers, coilformers, brushes, support plates, connection elements, cover caps, housing parts, etc.

There are still applications for which thermosets are the material of choice. We produce parts from phenolic resin and urea moulding compound on several Berges and Fahr automatic machines. Inseparability, thermal resistance and electrical insulation are the unbeatable advantages of this plastic.

Sustainability - organic and recycling

Following the constant trend towards a more careful approach to the environment, we have been switching more and more products to organic raw materials and recycled raw materials in recent years. We process both post-industrial and post-consumer recyclates.

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