Electroplast has set up a whistleblower system based on the European Union Directive (EU) 2019/1937. Any whistleblowers can report violations of our Code of Conduct, legal violations or other concerns internally via the online platform or by post or the in-house mailbox, completely anonymously. Our Compliance and HR Manager Sonja Kraut will immediately investigate all reports and initiate proceedings in coordination with our external Compliance Ombudsman’s Office.

Whistleblowers who prefer to submit an external report can do so directly to our Compliance Ombudsman, Christian Angerbauer, c.angerbauer@acecon.at. In the case of an externally submitted report, the whistleblower procedure or the investigation procedure is handled exclusively externally by Christian Angerbauer in consultation with the management.

Reports can be made anonymously.

Every report must be followed up immediately within 7 days. A formal procedure must be initiated and documented: The Compliance Manager and/or the Compliance Ombudsman’s Office

The Compliance Manager and the Compliance Ombudsman are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality and are not bound by instructions in their work.