Our company

In 1938 Ing. Karl Köck is an electrical installation company in Vienna Simmering. After the war, he was only able to maintain his business by constantly importing goods from Germany himself. He took this as an opportunity to start producing light bulb sockets and domestic lighting in 1954. By 1962, production had already reached a level that justified the founding of Electroplast – Karl Köck OHG in Kaiserebersdorf.


In 1967, the company moved to its current location at Ganghofergasse 29 in Vienna Simmering and in 1974 was reorganised as Electroplast Ges.m.b.H. By this time, his son-in-law Ing. Hermann Kunesch was handed over. The business flourished and the Ganghofergasse location had to be expanded again and again in several stages, until another location was finally opened in Simmering in 1991. In 1995, the barrel production of the traditional German company AHORN was taken over and relocated to Austria. In 1998, another generational change took place and the brothers Hermann and Reinhard Kunesch have been running Electroplast Ges.m.b.H. successfully ever since. In 2004, the production of the Danish lighting manufacturer Jensen Lamp was taken over and also relocated to Austria. A subsidiary was founded in Békéscsaba, Hungary, in 2011. As a result, the total number of employees has grown to over 100.

Electroplast-Packaging d.o.o. was founded in Krusevac, Serbia, in 2021. Electroplast-Packaging GmbH, Vienna, which now operates the injection moulding business and is the parent company of the two foreign subsidiaries, was also spun off.


Production began with thermoset processing, which is still operated today with 10 fully automatic thermoset moulding machines for electrotechnical parts. In the course of time, metal processing with several eccentric presses and 2 IWK multi-stage presses, 11 KUKA robots and thermoplastic injection moulding were added, which today forms the main focus with around 50 injection moulding machines. Customised assembly options with fully automatic machines, ultrasonic welding, hot-melt bonding, etc. have always been a key strength of production.


Production activities began with the special design of the E27 spring contact Edison socket for the Ing. Karl Köck obtained a patent in 1957. Further developments of this original design are still being manufactured today.

Production was soon expanded to include lamps and standards were set with ERIKA bedside lamps and JULIA pendant lamps, which were soon to be found in countless households and hotels. Today, production is focussed on opal glass wall and ceiling lights, with applications ranging from social housing to prestigious buildings. Electroplast luminaires can be found, for example, in the Old University of Vienna as well as in the Vienna Gasometer, in the AMD chip factory in Dresden as well as in retirement homes in Scotland.

In addition to these electrotechnical products, parts have always been manufactured for industrial customers. For example, all of the Bakelite handles on the legendary Austria enamelled ring were made by Electroplast. The Heavyhands weights from Tyrolia were overmoulded with plastic at Electroplast.

In 1980, Electroplast received the Austrian Innovation Award for a newly developed closure for a shoe care product. Today, Electroplast produces more than 1000 million customised injection moulded parts per year, from fabric softener caps to protective caps for gas bottles, from sponge applicators for shoe care products to game tokens.